President’s Message

Dear Friends & Supporters of Medicine in Israel,

As I begin my two-year tenure as APF’s President, I am optimistic that we can leverage our status as the premier supporter of comprehensive health care in Israel to raise our contributions of Israeli medicine to new heights. My confidence is based on our successful track record, which included these highlights in 2017:

  • We continued to maintain, update and grow our singular, at-the-ready roster of North American health care providers who would volunteer, should the need arise, to travel to Israel on short notice, providing backup medical services for Israeli health care providers who are called to the battlefront.

  • We provided ten scholarships for Israeli physicians to come to academic medical centers in the U.S. and Canada to advance their clinical and research skills. Once trained, they bring this knowledge back to Israel, where it benefits populations served by major hospitals and outlying regions. Many of these returning doctors go on to become the leaders of hospitals, departments and clinics across the country.

  • The APF Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Course, which is offered every November, attracted a record number of physicians and nurses from across North America as well as from other nations around the globe.

  • We hosted two Birthright trips for medical and nursing students, serving to strengthen and combine their emerging identities as health care providers and lovers of Israel.

  • We provided scholarships for 25 Israeli nurses to attend the Israeli Trauma Mass Casualty Nursing Training Course at Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa.

  • We fulfilled the Israeli Home Front Command’s request for two Polaris all-terrain ambulances for battlefield deployment.

  • We sponsored multiple Israeli physician speakers at community events in several cities across the U.S.

  • Our Board of Directors diversified to include nurses, financial experts and an attorney, and our administrative staff was stabilized under the inspired and committed leadership of our Executive Director, Amir Goldshtein.

I would like to invite each of you to support our efforts in three ways

  1. Participate in one or several of our activities, such as signing up for the Volunteer Registry, attending regional speaker presentations, attending the Disaster Preparedness Course, and recommending a health care student for an upcoming APF Birthright trip.
  2. Send us your ideas, suggestions and questions to help us explore new areas and expand our support of Israeli medicine to even greater levels.

  3. Demonstrate your personal commitment to elevating the skill and preparedness of Israeli health care providers by becoming an APF member.

We appreciate the trust that we have earned, here in the U.S. and in Israel, through our nearly 70 years of service to Israeli health care. Thanks to your active support and mentorship, we can redouble our efforts to support our Israeli colleagues in providing the excellent health care that Israelis deserve.


Jeffrey M. Devries, MD, MPH – APF President