President’s Message

Dear APF Supporter:

I’m Dr. Robert Kelman, an emergency physician from Detroit, Michigan, and have been involved with this stellar organization for more than 13 years. Among the greatest gifts it’s given me is being able to form an abiding bond as a health professional with our Israeli counterparts.

I first learned about APF after the horrific Park Hotel bombing that took place in Netanya, Israel, on the first night of Pesach 2002. Eager to help, I was elated to discover this organization, which is the only one of its kind with a disaster registry to be endorsed by the Israel Ministry of Health. Almost immediately I signed up for its Emergency Medical Volunteer registry and joined an active roster of North American volunteer doctors, nurses, medics, therapists and other healthcare professionals who fly to Israel on a moment’s notice to man hospitals and clinics when their Israeli staffs rush to treat crisis victims. In 2005 I took APF’s Emergency Disaster Preparedness Course in Israel, and over the next decade got deeply involved in developing a robust Michigan Chapter.

I look forward to expanding APF’s reach, including bringing more medical professionals into the volunteer registry. I also plan to open additional regional chapters and recruit world-class speakers to discuss our work as well as developments in the healthcare field in Israel. This will widen our circle of volunteers and supporters. And the larger that circle, the more help we can provide.

But I can’t do this without your help. I welcome your  suggestions for ways we can grow. Your active participation is what enables us to fulfill our mission to helping Israel.

Robert J. Kelman, MD, APF President