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Emergency Medical Volunteer Registry (EMV)

APF is actively seeking healthcare professionals from the United States and Canada to respond to the immediate medical needs in Israel.

APF: The Official Volunteer Registry for North America

APF is the official organization designated by the State of
Israel to respond in the event of a national crisis in Israel. For
more than 70 years, APF has worked with the Israeli
healthcare system, and our APF medical volunteers will
continue to save lives in Israel!

Supporting APF means supporting the Israeli medical system and all its citizens.

Designated by the Government of Israel

Due to the devastating number of civilians killed in Israel, the Israeli Ministry of Health has requested that APF activate our Emergency Medical Volunteer Registry in the sub-specialty of forensic pathology. In response, we are sending a delegation of forensic pathologist physicians who are being sponsored with APF funds allocated for this program.

We anticipate been called upon again for other specialties, including orthopedic surgeons and trauma surgeons.

APF was established for the sole purpose of providing additional licensed medical professionals from North America to step in on a moment’s notice and assist in Israeli civilian hospitals in the event of a declared national crisis.

That was the case 50 years ago, when a delegation of APF volunteer doctors and nurses was deployed to Israel to help during the Yom Kippur War. Now as was then, APF is the only organization that partners with Israel to maintain an Emergency Medical Volunteer roster, ensuring that medical assistance to Israel remains just a phone call away.

APF is in communication with the Israeli Ministry of Health. APF is standing by, ready to deploy healthcare professionals for hands-on support should we be called upon.

How you can support Israel


APF is seeking U.S. and Canadian healthcare professionals willing to volunteer to provide medical aid in Israel.


With your tax-deductible donations collected now, we will be able to continue to financially sponsor additional medical delegations and send more medical aid to Israel.

If you have any questions, contact Amir Goldshtein at or call 617-232-5382.

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Emergency MEDICAL
FOR Israel

The EMV is actively calling upon healthcare professionals to volunteer their expertise in addressing the immediate medical needs in Israel. Your commitment and support are vital in ensuring that the necessary medical aid is promptly available to meet the current medical requirements in the country.


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