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Inspiring APF Event at the home of Dr. Sitnitskaya, Great Neck, NY

Dozens of friends and members of APF gathered on November 3, 2013 in Great Neck, NY for an awe-inspiring APF Event.

 The guest speaker Maj. Jacob Chen, M.D., an IDF Airborne Medical Doctor and Officer and a  2013-2014 APF Fellowship Recipient spoke about his experience serving as a military physician in the IDF since 2001. He has completed a series of very challenging assignments, serving as an infantry battalion surgeon, a course commander at the IDF School of Military Medicine, a medical company commander, and an evacuation company commander in the Israeli Air Force Airborne Rescue & Evacuation Unit.

 His presentation was accompanied by a few very intriguing action videos taken during combat and rescue (something you would not be able to see anywhere else). Major Dr. Chen spoke to the crowd following his participation in the NY Marathon a few hours earlier and was accompanied by his lovely wife and three beautiful children. We were certainly all in for a treat!

Our warm gratitude to Dr. Yekaterina Sitnitskaya for hosting the event at her beautiful home.

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