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Support for Medicine in Israel Reaches Farther than the Borders

“We treat patients regardless of religion, race, nationality and give the best care we can provide,” said Director Oscar Embon from Ziv Medical Center (an Israeli medical center in Tzfat). See full Article

I can’t read this line and not feel proud of my country. As an Israeli who joined APF because I am passionate about advancing the state of medical education, research, and care in Israel I am confident that through our efforts, APF is supporting more than just the healthcare of Israel.

The Syrian victims had been wounded in clashes taking place in the savage civil war between opposition forces and troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. Although Syria and Israel are still at war, and despite the enhanced risks caused by jihadists groups in the civil war, the government of Israel is still concerned for human life, and continues to extend its assistance to the nations or groups of people who ask for humanitarian aid.

It is evident that Israel is one of the more advanced areas in the Middle East for healthcare and in turn lends it’s expertise to aid other communities in need.  Therefore, the positive impact of supporting medicine in Israel extends much farther than the borders.

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