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Dr. Sabrina Weill

Dr. Sabrina Weill
2022-2023 Fellows

Name: Sabrina Weill

Israeli Institution: Assuta Ashdod Medical Center

North American Institution: Mount Sinai Hospital

Fellowship Year: 2022-2023

For Dr. Weill it was always clear how crucial it is to have someone who can recognize and treat the body synchronously as a whole, rather than its isolated parts. As a resident in Emergency Medicine, Sabrina has had the privilege of being one of the pioneers of this specialty in Israel. However, this specialty is still young in Israel, and there is a lot to learn. Dr. Weill will complete a Clinical Emergency Medicine fellowship in the department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto. Sabrina’s intention upon her completion of the fellowship is to be involved in furthering EM education and its existence as an independent profession in Israel.

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