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How Israel Builds Trauma-resilient Communities at Home and Abroad- a Michigan APF Event

The Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) addresses the issues of terrorism, war, natural disaster, tragedy and bereavement with a seasoned eye and aims to lend its experience elsewhere. The ITC ensures not only a comprehensive view of needs but the delivery of a continuum of trauma services in a timely fashion. In response to international disasters, this unique organization sends delegations of trauma and emergency response experts to provide aid and support to local professionals and volunteers working around the world.
Trauma reality is not limited to direct victims but extends to first responders, caregivers and policy makers. Over the years, Israel has developed a wide variety of trauma related interventions at all levels.
In March, APF hosted an enlightening and well-attended event with ITC Director Talia Levanon. 
Talia described the vital work of ITC and its responsibility for strengthening Israel’s social resilience on a national scale, building “trauma-resilient” communities. She also spoke directly to ITC’s (and Israel’s) functioning as “a light unto the nations” through the organization’s international outreach. In recent years the ITC has sent delegations to Toulouse, France, Boston, Japan, Haiti, the Philippines and several other countries.
We extend our warm gratitude to Adat Shalom Synagogue at Farmington Hills, MI, who hosted the gathering. And a special thanks also goes to our dedicated APF Michigan Chapter Organizing Committee for making it all happen! Kudos to all!

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