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APF’s President-Elect Presenting to Medical Students and Faculty at Yeshiva University in New York

On October 20, 2013 Dr. Michael Frogel, President-Elect of APF, participated at the Yeshiva University Student Medical Ethics Society’s Eighth Annual Conference, titled “Prescribing for a Nation; Examining the Interplay between Israeli Health Care& Jewish Law”.

Dr. Frogel moderated a plenary session on Israeli methods of responding to medical crises and terror attacks.  During the afternoon a breakout session about “The APF: American Physicians and Friends for Medicine in Israel; Strengthening Israeli Medical Infrastructure from Across an Ocean”, was also led by Dr. Frogel.  He stated “We all need to be proud of what Israel has done in the area of disaster preparedness. Israel doesn’t just absorb disasters, it has become the world leader in preparing for them.”

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