APF Fellowships

From the beginning the APF has been dedicated to furthering medical education and care in Israel by providing much needed financial assistance to young Israeli physicians coming to North America for post-doctoral specialty training. Over the years APF fellowship grants have been awarded to over 1,500 Israeli physicians, many of whom today fill senior positions in Israel’s hospitals and medical schools.

The practice of sending young physicians to North America for specialty training is one of the principle ways the Israeli medical system enriches its reservoir of knowledge and experience. These fellowships offer the opportunity to learn at leading American and Canadian medical centers and to form relationships with colleagues that last a life time. Even more so, these fellows take back to Israel the knowledge and skills learned for the benefit of their patients, hospitals, communities, and the country of Israel.

APF grants are typically $5,000, and are awarded for one year. As part of the application process candidates must show an intention to return to Israel and a commitment to improving medical care at their home medical institution.


  • Up to $5,000 supplemental grant
  • Rigorous application process to award the most promising and deserving applicants
  • Two Fellowship Advisory Committees, comprised of renowned American and Israeli physicians
  • Fellows commit to return to Israel to utilize training in confirmed job positions
  • Over 1,500 Fellowships awarded since 1950
  • Recipients include heads of hospitals, medical specialists and eminent scholars


Download the Fellowship Application for 2019-2020

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