Emergency Medical Volunteer (EMV) Registry

APF’s Emergency Medical Volunteer Registry (EMV) is the official organization designated by the State of Israel to be called upon in the event of a declared national crisis in Israel.  APF maintains a list of U.S. and Canadian health care professionals willing to volunteer to provide medical aid in Israel should a declared national emergency arise.

Israel’s bitter experiences during past conflicts has taught that in time of emergency, physicians and nurses in the trauma, critical care, surgical specialties, along with other specialties are needed from abroad to replace those who have been called into active military service depleting hospital staffs.  Should the need arise in the future, the Government of Israel has officially designated the APF as the organization charged with coordinating these efforts, including maintaining an active current Registry of physicians and health care professionals. In 2012 APF participated in Israel’s first major earthquake drill.

The State of Israel will provide these volunteers with travel, housing and insurance.

We are honored that the State of Israel has chosen our organization as the official Registry in North America to come to the aid of Israel in time of crisis. We encourage physicians, nurses and other health care professionals to join Volunteer Registry. All medical specialties are welcome.

For more information on how you can register as an Emergency Medical Volunteer, please contact our national headquarters or download the Biographical and Consent Forms below and return to our offices.

Help Israel in the event of a declared national emergency

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