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President’s Message 2024

It’s an understatement to say that so much has changed since October 7, 2023. While we at APF have historically supported and advanced Israeli healthcare professionals in peaceful settings, we have now entered a devastating and terrifying altered reality. We are living through a new Holocaust.

As part of APF’s humanitarian commitment to Israel, 42 healthcare professionals from across the United States, Canada and Sweden donated their time to attend our Solidarity Mission in Israel last February, which was conducted in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Medical Corps of the Israel Defense Forces.

Our delegation exercised a fundamental human right that transcends borders and boundaries when they visited what remains of the Be’eri kibbutz and the Nova music festival. On that mission, they witnessed firsthand the challenges Israeli healthcare professionals are facing during this ongoing crisis.

During our visit to Sheba Medical Center,they had the opportunity to talk to a foot-amputation soldier in the rehabilitation division. When they asked him “What’s next?” his immediate response was, “Rejoining my unit to finish what we started!” To me, this was a perfect example of the strength and resilience that the Israeli people have always demonstrated in the face of calamity.

How can we ignore the dedication, commitment and sacrifice of Israeli soldiers—and civilians—who are continuing the fight for victory even when many of their family, friends and comrades have paid the ultimate price?

Together we stand in solidarity, and together we make a difference in Israel.

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We at APF are facing our greatest challenge since our inception in 1950. And we need your help. Prayers are always welcome, but, speaking candidly, more vital to our growth and the continuation of our overarching mission are your generous contributions.

APF’s mission is twofold: To train and deploy medical professionals to Israel during times of crisis to support the hospitals and other healthcare areas (more than 60 have been sent since October 7)—and to expand specialized medical knowledge and care throughout Israel.

But we cannot continue our mission without your financial support or participation.

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Richard G. Schmidt, MD