Support for Medicine in Israel Reaches Farther than the Borders

“We treat patients regardless of religion, race, nationality and give the best care we can provide,” said Director Oscar Embon from Ziv Medical Center (an Israeli medical center in Tzfat). See full Article

I can’t read this line and not feel proud of my country. As an Israeli who joined APF because I am passionate about advancing the state of medical education, research, and care in Israel I am confident that through our efforts, APF is supporting more than just the healthcare of Israel.

The Syrian victims had been wounded in clashes taking place in the savage civil war between opposition forces and troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. Although Syria and Israel are still at war, and despite the enhanced risks caused by jihadists groups in the civil war, the government of Israel is still concerned for human life, and continues to extend its assistance to the nations or groups of people who ask for humanitarian aid.

It is evident that Israel is one of the more advanced areas in the Middle East for healthcare and in turn lends it’s expertise to aid other communities in need.  Therefore, the positive impact of supporting medicine in Israel extends much farther than the borders.


  1. Nothing surprising here. The people of the Jewish State of Israel practicing a level of frustration tolerance, compassion, and respect for human dignity at a level that would put many societies to shame. It is what it is: tikkun olam.
    That so many people in th U.S. are not aware of this is an indictment on the American MSM.

  2. Dear Larry, thank you for your kind words.I would only suggest let us raefrin from too aggrandizing compliments lest the chest is growing too big to leave space for thought There is an important observation in John York’s entry: I think that what is being done in terms of the Middle East peace process is not unlike turning the running of a mental hospital over to its inmates.These people cannot make peace for the very simple reason that they are locked inside a situation that has, time and time again, clearly demonstrated their inability to do so. They are all prisoners of the system .I would like to add the following:The boundaries of the hospital run by ecstatic crackpots are not limited to the Middle East. What happens on the right wing of the US is no less reckless and crazy. And one thing is VERY IMPORTANT: in Netanyahu’s count the American Barry Goldwater -Tea-Party right is enough to counterweight the sissy-Democrats with their sissy president and the spineless Europe and its sissy-morals (which more or less at least officially descends from Emmanuel Kant and Hillel the Elder).So postulating Iran-Israel problem axis without discussing the new Orwellian winds in US and the immanent weakness of Europe contributes to narrowing the scope of possible levers to avert the Israeli madness. Let us look how, for instance, Gershom Gorenberg’s book Unmaking Israel is discussed in the Commentary by Lazar Berman (not the late pianist). Mr Berman starts with the following: The central question in the debate over Israel’s future is this: Can it remain both Jewish and democratic? Israel’s defenders answer with an enthusiastic yes. And here are the last, concluding words of Mr. Berman: The only enthusiastic audience for The Unmaking of Israel will likely be found among those who are always eager for a book by a Jew they can use as a shield against a charge of anti-Semitism as they array themselves for ideological battle against the Jewish state. Commentary adds a short profile of Mr. Berman: Lazar Berman is program manager of the foreign and defense policy studies department at the American Enterprise Institute. So Commentary publishes a review that is totalitarian in its whole essence: the defendants of Israel (the good people) say everything is OK with Israel, and the others are not only wrong, they are foes. The very notion that SOMEBODY CARES FOR ISRAEL’S FUTURE (as Gershom so does with such a dignity) AND THEREFORE RAISES QUESTIONS ABOUT ISRAEL’S WAYS is declared hostile. CARE IS HOSTILE. Remember? Ignorance is strength – ?It is the true PRAVDA 1947 article. What we only lack here is the Gulag looming somewhere around, perhaps in the new (actually old as Tana ch) form of eternal poverty and excommunication. So the Iran-Israel axis starts somewhere in Pennsylvania (where Netanyahu morphed into right-wing American) and HAS to be followed around the globe. Because the Israelis trapped under the immature governors look with eagerness to the philosophically truer path, linking their (our) scandalized identity with some wise sobriety, for the sake of our survival.Wit all best wishes –