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The Dilemma for Physicians at the Intersection of Politics, Clinical Medicine, and Humanitarianism

''The instances when we provided [medical] care do not represent a policy choice to constantly provide aid, they were decisions made out of humanitarian considerations,'' wrote a spokesman for the More

Israel is the True Leader of Urgent Care Medicine

“Unfortunately, in Israel, we have a lot of experience in the field of urgent care medicine”, said Dr. Moshe Michaelson, Medical Head of Rambam Health Care Campus. See full Article This year will be More

The “Priority Rule”

In the study entitled “Organ Allocation Policy and the Decision to Donate”, Professor Judd Kessler and Harvard economics Professor Alvin Roth, discuss a policy known as the priority rule which grants More

The Mutual Benefits of Close Bonds

As an Israeli, the horrible bombing at the Boston Marathon finish line on April 15, 2013 couldn’t help but remind me of similar events happening back in my homeland. “Oh absolutely, absolutely this is More

Support for Medicine in Israel Reaches Farther than the Borders

"We treat patients regardless of religion, race, nationality and give the best care we can provide," said Director Oscar Embon from Ziv Medical Center (an Israeli medical center in Tzfat). See full More