At the current time, the Israeli Ministry of Health has sufficient resources to handle the crisis

We would like to thank all of the healthcare professionals who immediately reached out to APF with the message of being ready at a moment’s notice should their medical services be needed in Israel; as missiles continue to be indiscriminately fired upon its citizens. At the current time, the Israeli Ministry of Health has sufficient resources to handle the crisis. We will immediately let you know if there is a change in status and begin to mobilize our Emergency Medical Volunteers (EMV) – July 18, 2014.

If you are not an EMV but interested in becoming one, please visit our website EMV section for further information on joining the EMV program.


  1. Jared Friedman

    I am a Pediatrician trained in NYC, but am now in a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship. My wife, Dana, who is Israeli, is an American trained Registered Nurse. We would be truly honored to play our role and help in anyway possible. Please do keep us in mind.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you and keep up what you are doing!

  2. Daniel Israel Dorfman

    I’m a medical doctor, general physician from Costa Rica, I’m Jewish and I would like to volunteer or help however I can.
    If at any moment Israel is in need of doctors please contact me.
    I also have other Jewish doctor friends who would love to go help.
    The Jewish people of the world must be united, especially at times like this.
    Dr. Daniel Israel Dorfman Hochgelernter

  3. Harold Pine, MD

    I would recommend sending out a preliminary email to those of us who are in the EMV team to make us feel secure in knowing that you have our correct contact information etc.

    Perhaps an email sent to the EMV team updating us on the current situation. With the recent kidnapping, I believe there is likely going to be addtional reservists called up.

    Dr. Pine